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How do I check to see how many student records are being reported to the DOE for SIMS through SIF transmission?

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Last updated: 18 Feb, 2016
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Log into the DOE Security Portal to view the SIMS Record Counts reports.

  • Log into the MassEDU Gateway Security Portal
  • Click on Application List
  • Select SIF Error Reports
  • Click on SIMS

  • Click on District Reports for District wide reports

  • Click on Report 5 – SIMS Record Count by Grade and Gender – District Level Details to see school and district totals

  • Select District (your district name)

  • Click Finish (lower left corner of screen)

A report will appear that shows every school being reported for your district, including Special: Home School (0000 0002), Special: PreSchool (0000 0001), and Out-of-District schools students are attending. The number of students by Grade Level, by Gender, and Total will show for each school. A grand total for the district will appear at the bottom of the report. Be sure to click on Page down (lower left corner of screen) to see the entire list.

This report will allow you to check totals to make sure all your ‘Report to DOE = Yes’ students are being transmitted through SIF. This report is available throughout the reporting process and does not require the data to be “frozen” first.

If the student record count is not correct: If a large number of students or entire schools are missing, create an eSupport ticket to have iPASS Support review your site’s SIF settings. If a small number of students are missing, download the DOE SIF SIMS data to review and compare to your Legacy report file.

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folder SIF -> FAQ
folder DOE ID Manager -> Help -> SIMS (MA)

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