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Enrollment Reconciliation Report

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Last updated: 20 Sep, 2017
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Enrollment Reconciliation Report

Massachusetts clients using SIF can reconcile their SIMS enrollment report from the Department of Education (DOE) to their student enrollment records within iPASS.

The report will reflect students that are enrolled but are not showing on the DOE report. The report will show iPASS Student ID#, SASID# and the 4-digit School Code.

First you need to download the student data file from the MA DOE Security Portal. For more information on how to do that go to in iPASS Help > SIF > FAQ > How can I tell which students are being reported to the DOE for my SIF SIMS transmission and see what the 52 element codes the DOE has on record for them?

Step 1: Upload the DOE file to iPASS

Go to DOE ID Manager > Import/Export > File Upload > upload the DOE file in CSV comma delimited format. 

Helpful Hint! Copy the file name so that you can paste it into the Enrollment Date File Name field in the next step.

Step 2: Run the Enrollment Reconciliation Report

Go to DOE ID Manager > Import/Export > Enrollment Reconciliation Report.

In the field “Enrollment Date File Name” type in the path and file name for your uploaded file and Submit.

NEW - Select if you want the report to include Summer Transfers in the file (need to send in October submission)

As of Date = Date of state reporting submission (ie. 10/01/2016)

The completed report will be listed in iPASS Reports titled “Enrollment Reconciliation Report” will be available within iPass Reports.

NOTE: The report format is in CSV. Opening it directly in Excel will drop the leading zeros in the School Code. To retain the leading zeros you must first save the file to CSV format and then open in Notepad, Wordpad or import the text file into Excel.

What makes a student get reported in the Enrollment Reconciliation Report?

These are students that are missing in the MA SIMS Transmission file that iPass expects to be reported. Running the report compares what iPASS would report in a SIMS 52 Export Legacy file for that report date (based on DOE Parameter Last Transmission Date) to what the DOE has in the SIMS Transmission download file. iPass looks at the Primary School/Year Record (School Year, School, Grade Level), the Enrollment Record (Enrolled, Withdrawn, TRF, summer withdrawal date), and Report to DOE = Yes. Students that are NOT in the DOE’s SIMS Transmission download file will be listed in the report. These students are missing in your SIF transmission.

NOTE: If there are summer withdrawals in the report, you will need to push the SIF Objects for Summer Transfers: SummerWithdrawals-StudentPersonal and SummerWithdrawals-StudentEnrollment.

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