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document Do you use the actual last day of school or the EPIMS As-of-Date (day before the last day) on the Academic Year Settings screen for the End Date?
The Academic Year Settings screen needs to have the actual last day of school as the End Date for the final term of the school year. This End...
21 May, 2015
document End of Year Massachusetts State Reporting (January 2019) - Information & Tips to Clear Errors
The following information and tips are intended to help you clear errors in SIF/Legacy SSDR, SCS, and EPIMS submission. Please let iPass...
22 Jan, 2019
document EPIMS and SCS End of Year Check List
EPIMS and SCS End of Year Check List
10 Apr, 2015
document Getting an Early Start on End of Year State Reporting – General Items
The iPASS Support Team has put together a list of items and helpful hints that can be used to prepare for End-of-Year Massachusetts state...
13 May, 2016
document Helpful Hints Guide - EOY SCS State Reporting 2015 (v2)
The Support Team has prepared a list of helpful tips and recommendations to prepare and report your data for the End-of-Year SCS (Student Course...
26 Jun, 2015
document Helpful Hints Guide - SCS October 2019
The Support Team has prepared a list of helpful tips and recommendations to prepare and report your data for the October SCS Report.  ...
07 Oct, 2019
document How do I adjust a Term 1-only course for a student who transferred to another course before October 1?
The DOE does not require you to report courses the student was scheduled into prior to October 1 but some districts want to keep track of the...
05 Nov, 2015
document How do you code AP courses for SCS reporting?
AP Courses must have the appropriate AP Subject Area/Course (EPIMS) field code selected on the Couse Details screen. The AP Courses (DOE) code...
12 Nov, 2015
document How do you set up Virtual High School (VHS) and Dual Enrollment courses in iPASS to report them correctly in SCS?
VHS courses (taught by teachers outside of your school district) and Dual Enrollment college courses must be reported in the SCS report but are...
12 Nov, 2015
document If the last day of school is on a Monday, what day is used for the EOY EPIMS As-of Date and the EOY SIF SCS Last Transmission Date?
Use the next-to-last SCHOOL day as the As-of Date for EOY EPIMS and SCS. If the last day of school is on a Monday, the iStaff Configuration EPIMS...
28 Apr, 2016
document Is there a way to set a course to be "non graded"?
Courses that do not report a final grade can now be set to “Non Graded Course = Yes” on the Course Catalog Course Details screen. You...
21 Nov, 2016
document MA DESE Resource: Guide to SIF Transmission Reports (Nov 30 2017)
Attached please find a guide from the Massachuetts DESE outlining the SIF Transmission Reports to help users review their data transmissions and...
11 Jan, 2018
document Our district has been updated to the new Sync release and we are reporting SCS through SIF 2.7; how do I hide the additional SIF SCS ‘fake terms’?
The additional FY, S1, S2 ‘fake terms’ required for SIF SCS reporting can be set up NOT to display on iPASS screens. Go to...
02 Nov, 2015
document Quick Guide: Preparing for Massachusetts March and EOY State Reporting (Updated 2020)
*** UPDATE for 2019-2020 School Year *** DESE expects all SIF enabled sites to submit their state reports via SIF transmission. SIF...
14 Jan, 2020
document Quick Guide: Preparing for October State Reporting (2018)
SIF Districts: Step 1: Set the transmission “As of Date” to October 1. For SIMS & SCS: Set the Last Transmission Date...
19 Sep, 2018
document SCS Error Clearing – Sending SIF Objects
Users have the ability to send SIF Objects to update data at the DOE to help clear their errors. Under the SIF Agent folder there is the option...
07 Nov, 2016
document Should a grade of ‘W’ be entered when a student drops a course?
There is no need to enter a ‘W’ grade as long as you adjust the terms on the Modify Schedules screen to remove the subsequent course...
28 May, 2015
document SIF SCS (Student Course Schedules) – Getting an early start on clearing your SIF Errors (April 2015)
Some districts may want to begin reviewing their SIF SCS errors for the End of Year SCS Report.  Please find below some valuable information...
15 Apr, 2015
document WebEx - End of Year SCS Report (Student Course Schedule)
User's Group Meeting - May 12, 2015 Topic: End of Year SCS (Student Course Schedule) Report I want to share this WebEx recording with...
15 May, 2015
document WebEx - October 2015 State Reporting
User’s Group Meeting October 14, 2015 Topic: October 2015 State Reporting I want to share this WebEx recording with...
16 Oct, 2015

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