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25 Jun, 2018
The Support Team is available for personalized one-on-one “coaching” beyond the scope of typical support ticket resolution. During a...
30 Apr, 2018
The iPass Support Team is excited to announce a new workshop format that will deliver valuable training to more district...
28 Feb, 2018
EZSchoolEnroll - Online student registration/parent portal. Allow parents to register new students online, update their contact information and...
31 Aug, 2016
Identify Lead iPASS Support Contacts in Your District Districts identified as highly successful using iPass have selected lead support...
01 Nov, 2014
As of November 1, 2014, iPass has moved to a new customer support system, eSupport. Please review the following information carefully to...

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Information for School Districts that are new to iPass
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Frequently asked questions about technical support for iPass and iFips
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IMG 2010 Customer Conference Presentations
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iPass Patch Release Notes
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2014 Customer Conference
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User Group Meetings
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Wednesday Wisdom
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Documents to support changes in the new iPass Version

Most Viewed
document Grades Maintenance
Grades Maintenance
23 Jul, 2009
document Scheduling Help Document
Scheduling Help Document
19 Jan, 2011
document iParent Help Document
iParent Help Document
10 Apr, 2012
document Parents Guide Document
Parents Guide Document
21 Jul, 2009
document Biographical Help Document
Biographical Help Document
04 Jan, 2013
document End of Year Procedures Help Document
End of Year Procedures Help Document
23 Oct, 2012
document iParent Quick Start Guide for Student Course Recommendations
iParent Student Course Recommendations Quick Start Guide. **...
01 Feb, 2016
document My Reports Help
My Reports Help
13 Jul, 2009
document How do I enroll a single student?
 Go to <Biographical System> <Add/Modify Student> select...
13 Jul, 2009
document Attendance Help Overview
Attendance Help Overview
11 Aug, 2009
document What do I need to have set up in iPass prior to opening school for the first time?
New School Districts Set up Checklist Attached.
06 Aug, 2012
document Daily Attendance
Daily Attendance
16 Jul, 2009
document Teacher Quick Start Guide for Student Course Recommendations
Teacher Quick Start Guide for Student Course Recommendations. ...
12 Feb, 2017
document Version 7 iTeacher Rankbook
Version 7 iTeacher Rankbook
16 Sep, 2010
document iParent PowerPoint
iParent PowerPoint
10 Jun, 2010

Recent Articles
document NCES and SIF Offense Type Code Mapping Recommendations - SSDR Offense and Disciplinary Action Codes
2017-2018 SSDR Update: All districts reporting SSDR via SIF or...
25 Jun, 2018
document Wednesday Wisdom - 06/20/2018
Wednesday's Wisdom - June 20, 2018 Announcements June...
20 Jun, 2018
document Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20180619_sync
A patch release went out on June 19, 2018 (v. 7.0.20180619_sync). ...
20 Jun, 2018
document Webex - iPass Import/Export Options (June 13, 2018 User Group Meeting)
User Group Meeting – June 13, 2018 Below please find the link...
19 Jun, 2018
document How do I use Mass Enroll Students to "Graduate" the Grade 12 Seniors?
You can copy information from the students’ most recent Enrollment...
15 Jun, 2018
document Wednesday Wisdom - 06/13/18
Wednesday's Wisdom - June 13, 2018 Announcements June...
13 Jun, 2018
document How do I figure out students with Perfect Attendance for the year?
There is a Perfect Attendance Report available in Attendance System...
12 Jun, 2018
document MA DESE Resource: SSDR Validation Rules Error List & SSDR Appendixes (April 2018)
For your refence we have posted documentation from the Massachusetts...
11 Jun, 2018
document What are the recommended steps to follow before graduating the seniors from iPASS?
There are several things that have to be done prior to graduating the...
07 Jun, 2018
document Wednesday Wisdom - 06/06/2018
Wednesday's Wisdom - June 6, 2018 ** Refer to attached document...
06 Jun, 2018
document How do you import/export data between iPASS and TeachPoint?
There is a TeachPoint Export that allows you to export fields from...
06 Jun, 2018
document How do I update the SIF SSDR Offense and Discipline data at the DOE when changes are made in iPASS?
If you transmit your SSDR Offense and Discipline data through SIF...
06 Jun, 2018
document Patch Release Notes - 7.0.20180604_sync
A patch release went out on June 5, 2018. The patch release...
06 Jun, 2018
document Quick Guide: SIF EPIMS 2310 Support Content Teacher - No Scheduled Courses
The DESE outlined changes for 2018 EOY EPIMS that will allow 2310...
06 Jun, 2018
document Why is there an X in the Offense Type 1 (OT1) field and Disciplinary Action Taken (DAT) field in the SSDR transmission download file?
The Incident codes selected in iPASS are not mapped to a SIF code. The...
05 Jun, 2018