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Harris Education Solutions Suite of Applications

01 Nov, 2019

iPass is just one product within the Harris Education Solutions Suite of software applications for K-12 schools. Let us introduce you to several powerful programs that will supplement iPass to meet your student registration, data analysis and staff management needs.

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EdInsight  Contains a suite of exciting products including RTI and MTSS solutions to assist in data driven instruction decisions. 

Predictive Analytics  Turn data into insight, insight into action

It doesn’t matter how talented your teachers are… if they don’t know when to use that skill to teach which concepts to which students. But when they have every piece of data they need, organized and working together seamlessly, they can teach with precision and move the needle.
  • Data Dashboard – Makes it easier to aggregate, organize, and analyze student information.
  • Assessment Builder – Allows educators to create standards-aligned formative and common assessments for use both online and via bubble sheets.
  • RTI/MTSS Software – Helps tier students, implement interventions, monitor progress, and assess effectiveness.
  • Curriculum Management System – Module includes an online lesson planner and curriculum mapper, connecting content to state and common core standards

>> Click here for a preview of EdInsight

eWalk  The classroom observation software that transforms time-consuming classroom walkthroughs into an effective 5-minute process, start to finish.

Observation and Growth  Mentor with evidence. Improve with precision.
Are you mentoring your staff or just telling them facts? There’s a difference. It’s not enough to go through the motions of observing and providing feedback. We put genuine staff growth within your grasp.
  • Observe quickly – Complete walkthroughs in 5-minutes
  • Record meaningful events – Send your findings with one click
  • Teach your teachers – Leverage peer mentor groups
  • Analyze and compare – Identify school and district trends

>> Click here for a preview of eWalk

EZSchoolEnroll – Online School Forms, New Student Registration, Parent Portal, and District Data Gathering Tool. Allows parents to fill out electronic forms, register new students online, update their contact information and remove or edit existing contacts for each student. One time set up fee.

Please contact Laura Patton for more information at lpatton@harriscomputer.com.