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Webex - iPass User Group Meeting (August, 2020) News & Updates

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Last updated: 14 Aug, 2020
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News and Updates

  1. Update calendars with new start date
  2. Send in ticket to update new start date in enrollment records
  3. Use of teams (shop Week) for Cohorts of who is to come to school when.
  4. We are addking the Team indicator to screen for:

               1.  Daily Attendance

               2.  Period Attendance

               3.  Gradebook and Rankbook

               4.  Course lists

      5.  Move to AWS

2.  New SIF Changes 2020-2021

3.  Where are we with Scheduling changes

     1.  Are teams being used?

     2.  Are changes needed?

Link to Recording of User Group Meeting 8/12/2020


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