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Webex - iPass User Group Meeting (September 2019) - Start of New School Year & Prep for October 2019 State Reporting

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Last updated: 16 Sep, 2019
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User Group Meeting - September 11, 2019

Below please find the link to the webex recording for the September 2019 User Group Meeting.

News & Updates

Featured Topic: Start of New School Year & Preparation for October State Reporting

  • Completing rollover process
  • Preparing for Horizontal Averaging, GPA and Honor Roll
  • Changes to DESE's SIF Servers & recommendations for SIF transmission
  • Preparing Patch Release for 2019-2020 State Reporting Changes
    • SIMS
      • DOE013 - Adding code (12 - Out of District Foster Care)
      • DOE028 - Adding code (02 - Earned Seal of Bilieratary with Distinction)
      • DOES033 - Adding code (10 - Registered Apprenticeship)
      • DOE047, DOE048, DOE049 Industry Credentials (Voc/Tech Schools) - Adding 5 codes (196-200)
    • EPIMS
      • WA07 - Adding new Job Type (3333) ACTION NEEDED: Add to HRS Job Types *(Can add before patch release).
    • SSDR
      • Consequence - Adding new Consequence to SIF Mapping (Law Enforcement Referral) ACTION NEEDED: Add Consequence to iPass Consequences *(Can add before patch release) and Map to new SIF Mapping option *(after patch release).
    • SectionInfo Object
      • DESE is adding more elements to SectionInfo Object. iPass Course Section will have an Override checkbox to be able to send section-specific Course Code, Subject Area Codes, Course Title, Instructional Level and Course Credit Type. *(This will be helpful with Dual Enrollment and VHS course set up in the Course Catalog.)

Click here to view the recording >> USER GROUP RECORDING

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