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Webex - Import/Export Options - iPass User Group Meeting (June 2019)

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Last updated: 18 Jun, 2019
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User Group Meeting - June 12, 2019

Below please find the link to the webex recording for the June 2019 User Group Meeting.

News & Updates:

  • eSped Update - eSped made changes that effect batch report sFTP file transfer. New public keys need to be created. Support is working on updating sites.
  • 2310 Support Content Teachers with no courses - DESE changed the way they are handling the data sent from these teachers with non-course Work Assignments. Error being thrown for too many teacher assigned to a (random) course. Support is working with DESE to resolve this. It will require a patch release and directions to clear the errors.
  • Photo Upload now has share files folder. This allows users to share files securely using an MFT server. 
  • Personalized Coaching Hours Available
    • State Reporting Validation Errors 
    • Elementary Scheduling
    • EOY Procedures

Featured Topic: Import/Export Options Available in iPass

  • iPass Help > Districts new to iPass > Data Conversion Templates
  • Table Report
  • My Queries
  • Grade Import
  • Student Email Addresses
  • DOE Import/Export
  • State Data Import/Export
  • Student Data Import
  • Guardian Data Import

Click here to view the recording >> DOWNLOAD RECORDING

The recording is stored in Google Drive.

NOTE: Click on the iPass User Group Meeting file to download. A message will tell you there is No preview available. Click Download. The file exceeds the maximum file size that Google can scan for viruses so you will need to click “Download Anyway.” You can Open the file after download or you can Save File. Due to the size of the file it will take some time to download. Let is complete before trying to view.

** It is recommended that you Download the file prior to viewing. **

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