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WebEx - iPass User Group Meeting (October 2019) - State Reporting Updates, Grading Set Up & Drop/Add/Transfer Grades

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Last updated: 17 Oct, 2019
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User Group Meeting - October 16, 2019

Below please find the link to the webex recording from the October 2019 User Group Meeting.

News & Updates: State Reporting Updates

  • Review of Patch Release (v. 7.0.20190930_sync) with updates for 2019-2020 Massachusetts State Reporting.
  • DESE Validation Update for Exited Staff during summer (7/1/2019) - Errors have cleared.
  • Issue with Earned Credits - We are working to resolve.
  • Do's and Don'ts for State Reporting posted in iPass Help DOE ID Manager > Help & iPass Support Hub > Knowledge Base > State Reporting.
  • SIMS Due October 24 - Work toward freezing error-free SIMS & SCS to do cross validation prior to SIMS Certification.
  • SCS: If your Guidance staff "removed" a lot of courses prior to Oct 1st, consider having DESE clear out your SCS objects and resend to remove "deleted" courses.

Featured Topics: Grading Set Up & Drop/Add/Transfer Grades


  • Grade Headings & Terms - Setting all to be Included - Reference iPass Help Guide
  • Roll Grades Table
  • Set up Narrative Parameters
  • Check Horizontal Averaging Rules
  • Assign Averaging Rules to Sections
  • Run test of Progress Reports and Report Cards
  • Calculate starting GPA for 2019-2020 to generate Career values
  • Check iParent/iStudent Configuration for each school

 Drop/Add Courses & Transfer Grades

  • Dropping courses after October 1st to retain record for EOY SCS
  • Transfer Grades during Drop/Add

Click here to view the recording >> USER GROUP RECORDING

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