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Webex - Starting School Year & SIF SIMS Changes for October 2018 State Reporting (September 12, 2018 User Group Meeting)

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Last updated: 13 Sep, 2018
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User Group Meeting – September 12, 2018

Below please find the link to the webex recording for the September 2018 User Group Meeting.

News & Updates

  • New iPass User Webinar Training Series and State Reporting Workshop + Coaching Series
  • Patch Release going out September 12 with changes for October SIMS
  • DESE SASID Registration - Update on when this will be available
  • Self-Service Photo Upload Tool for Harris hosted sites
  • Gender Identify in iPass - Plans to change Male/Female count and use DOE009 Gender that includes Non-Binary

Featured Topic: Starting the School Year & October State Reporting Updates

  • Starting 2018-2019
    • Roll Grades, Attendance, Activities
    • Fix Expiration Date on Alerts
    • Check Grade Headings & Terms Screen
    • Fix Grade Levels Table for YOGs
    • Teacher Emails
  • SIF SIMS Changes for October State Reporting
    • ​Patch Release will include new fields for: DOE028 Seal of Biliteracy and the DOE047 - DOE049 Industry Recognized Credentials (CTE). 
    • DOE045 and DOE046 HQCP fields and DOE050 Childhood Education Experience fields are already in iPass and will now be sent in SIMS transmission. 
    • DOE047, DOE048, DOE049, and DOE050 will be sent in the StudentPersonal Object. ACTION NEEDED: Clear SIF Temp Table/Send Objects.
    • DOE028, DOE045 and DOE046 will be sent in the StudentSchoolEnrollment Object. ACTION NEEDED: Clear SIF Temp Table/Send Objects.
    • ACTION NEEDED: ADD new code value of 05 - Transitional Biligual Education to DOE026: English Language Education Program Status. Go to Biographical System > Maintenance - Biographical > English Language Learners Program Status > Add Status Code, Description, State Code. 
    • ACTION NEEDED: UPDATE discontinued codes for DOE Field "Technical Competency Attainment" (DOE031). Go to DOE ID Manager > Maintenance - DOE > Fields > scroll to very bottom to Technical Competency Attainment field **(DO NOT RENAME THIS FIELD)** and add "Do Not Use" or "Discontinued" to the Description for codes 02-07, 12-14. Leave 01-Completed Chapter 74 Program, 11-Completed Non-Chapter 74 Program and, 500-Does not apply codes alone.
    • NOTE: Previously retired fields of DOE028, DOE041, DOE047-DOE051 that are now repurposed are now marked OBSOLETE on the DOE ID Manager > DOE Fields screen to keep them from displaying on the MA DOE screen.

Click here to view the recording >> DOWNLOAD RECORDING

The recording is stored in Google Drive.

NOTE: Click on the iPass User Group Meeting file to download. A message will tell you there is No preview available. Click Download. The file exceeds the maximum file size that Google can scan for viruses so you will need to click “Download Anyway.” You can Open the file after download or you can Save File. Due to the size of the file it will take some time to download. Let is complete before trying to view.

** It is recommended that you Download the file prior to viewing. **

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