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Introducing: Harris Educations Solutions EdTalk Series

18 Feb, 2020

Harris Education Solutions is kicking off a new series of "EdTalks". During these 20 minute sessions we will feature guest speakers who will share powerful stories to inspire and help you achieve excellence in education.

Join us for our first Harris Educations Solutions EdTalk:

February 26, 2020 at 1:00pm (ET)

>> Click here for a recording of the EdTalk presentation.

Conquering the Challenges of Using Data to Inform and Improve

From Hunter-Gatherer to Data Leader

Do you spend your days hunting for and gathering data?

When you find the data, what do you do with it?

Is the data you found what you need?

What data is important to analyze?

What is the next step?


Did you know… if you could analyze your chronically absent students over cumulative years you would find a student that misses 20 days of school for 9 years has lost a full year of instruction and high achieving students who are not showing growth could be affected by sudden poor attendance.

Did you know… if you could monitor teacher assessments used throughout the year and analyze summary/benchmark assessments you could change instruction to include similar question styles as the State Assessments to improve performance and monitor results to show student growth and decline early enough for you to implement changes.

Did you know… if you could analyze the curriculum implemented throughout the year you would find coverage gaps and frequency of time spent on skills taught that you can adjust to align with testing data. 

EdTalk Presenter: Scott Hagy

  • 22 Years High School Administrator

  • District Coach/Consultant