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Announcing: Scheduling Success Services for 2020-2021

07 Jan, 2020

Scheduling Success – Easy as 1-2-3!

Successful student scheduling is based on strong scheduling skills, planning and timely execution. The iPass Support Team is offering options this year to assist all levels of users in the scheduling process. Our goal is to provide you with offerings that will best fit the skill level of your scheduling staff, meet your scheduling needs and insure a successful scheduling outcome.

1… FREE Webinar: ‘Get Ready for Scheduling’ –  >> CLICK HERE for recorded webinar link. *(Begins 19:30 minutes into recording)

This webinar provides your scheduling staff with a refresher of the steps needed to create and set up the next academic year, assign students to Next Year School, roll the Course Catalog, save “rolled over” schedule with MSB, define Schedule Rotation, set up Online Recommendations, hide Next Year Schedules from parents/students/teachers, enter Requests, and share helpful Scheduling Reports. 

2… Scheduling Staff Training + Coaching Session – The training covers the Scheduling process and offers both new and current iPass users self-paced training and review of the overall iPass Scheduling process. Districts get access to the iPass District Training Series 3-hour Scheduling Staff Training pre-recorded session to share with unlimited staff. In addition to the recording, the District will receive 1-Hour of Personalized Scheduling Coaching with an iPass Coach.

District Fee/Unlimited Users: $500.

3… Personalized Coaching – Personalized Coaching offers districts and their staff the most success scheduling outcomes. Personalized Coaching is tailored to the needs of each school in the district and to the experience level of the scheduling staff. Coaching time can be used to review current scheduling practices, provide recommendations for schedule changes, plan and set up for the next school year, and use the Master Schedule Builder, Student Scheduler and Quick Scheduler to schedule students. Working with an iPass Coach one-on-one will insure the scheduling process is smooth and efficient.

District Fee/Small Group Coaching:

3 Hours Coaching: $500 (10% Savings)

6 Hours Coaching: $888 (20% Savings)

À la Carte Coaching Hours: $185/Hour

** Please contact Laura Patton at lpatton@harriscomputer.com for more information.