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document Add Dates for Teachers for the Course
Add Dates for Teachers for the Course
23 Sep, 2015
document Attendance System
Attendance System
23 Sep, 2015
document Automated Attendance Letters Help Document
Enhancement Overview: Previously, the task of generating and tracking attendance letters for students was a labor intensive process for two...
31 Aug, 2016
document Background Check Information
Now available in the Sync version of iPASS: In some states the law requires that newly hired school employees who may have direct,...
12 Nov, 2015
document Changes in the NEW version
Changes in the NEW version
23 Sep, 2015
document Deciles
23 Sep, 2015
document Discipline System
Discipline System
23 Sep, 2015
document Drop/Restore Schedules & Withdrawal Enhancements Help Document
Enhancements Overview: Previously, there was some difficulty in managing student schedules while also maintaining accurate class roster...
31 Aug, 2016
document GPA & Credits
GPA & Credits
23 Sep, 2015
document iHealth Updates
iHealth Updates
23 Sep, 2015
document iParent Guardian Approval
iParent Guardian Approval
23 Sep, 2015
document iParent Registration
iParent Registration
23 Sep, 2015
document Provisional Enrollment
Provisional Enrollment
23 Sep, 2015
document Quick Guide - Additions to Course Recommendations Functionality (February 2016)
Sync Version Only. After the January 2016 release of the enhancements to the Online Course Recommendation functions, a couple of additional...
22 Feb, 2016
document Quick Guide - Course Recommendations Enhancements
Sync Release – Online Course Recommendation Enhancements Overview: These enhancements originated from district requests to allow...
15 Jan, 2016
document Quick Guide: Modify Schedules - Drop/Restore & Remove Courses
Quick Guide on how to Drop/Restore and Remove courses. ** Refer to attached document below.
31 Aug, 2016
document Quick Schedule for Elementary Schools
Quick Schedul for Elementary Schools *Revised documentation - January 2016
31 Aug, 2016
document Scheduling System - Student Course Section Filters
Scheduling System - Student Course Section Filters
23 Sep, 2015
document Transcript Report
Transcript Report
23 Sep, 2015
document Upload Student and Staff Photos
Photos can be uploaded to individual student and staff records.* See attached help documents for directions. *Sync Version...
31 Jan, 2016