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Automated Attendance Letters Help Document

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Last updated: 31 Aug, 2016
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Enhancement Overview:

Previously, the task of generating and tracking attendance letters for students was a labor intensive process for two main reasons. First, each time letters were generated, it required the user to enter specific criteria (absences types, threshold values) and the report had to be run separately for each type of attendance letter type. This method increases the risk of errors since the criteria must be re-entered many times when ideally we would like to define the letter criteria once. The second issue is that letters were not being tracked and recorded in iPass so there was no way to automatically suppress a letter for a student if that student had already received a specific letter for the year. Several enhancements were developed to address these two main issues. Together these new attendance letter features are referred to as ‘Automatic Attendance Letters’ (or Auto-Attendance Letters) to differentiate it from the previous attendance letter method.

What are the advantages of using the Automated Attendance Letter feature?

  • All types of letters are generated together during one run of the report. No need to run the report multiple times, once for each letter type.
  • No need to remember and re-enter the criteria such as absence thresholds and absence codes. The criteria for each letter is setup only once by an admin user at the beginning of the year.
  • Flexible and Configurable- The school selects the threshold criteria and selects which attendance codes are applicable for each letter type.
  • Automatically tracks which letters a student has received.  You may even edit this letter history.

** Refer to attached documentation for more information. **

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