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document Attendance Add-on Scanner/Printer Help
Attendance Add-on Scanner/Printer Help
22 Jun, 2009
document Attendance Help Overview
Attendance Help Overview
11 Aug, 2009
document Automated Attendance Letters Help Document
Enhancement Overview: Previously, the task of generating and tracking attendance letters for students was a labor intensive process for two...
31 Aug, 2016
document Enter Daily Attendance
Enter Daily Attendance Help
11 Aug, 2009
document Enter Period Attendance
Enter Period Attendance Help
11 Aug, 2009
document Guide: How to Enter a Snow/Weather Day or Other Emergency School Closing
Step-by-step guide on how to enter a snow/weather day or other emergency school closing Revised February 2016 ** See...
12 Mar, 2018
document How do I enter a snow/weather day or other emergency school closing?
Go to Attendance>Maintenance>Calendar Maintenance. Click on the interactive calendar on the date of the school closing. Enter the...
23 Feb, 2016
document Quick Guide: Add Days to School Calendar
In the event you need to add more days to your school calendars (ie. due to snow/weather days), refer to the Quick Guide attached below outling...
14 Mar, 2018
document Quick Guide: Attendance Configuration
The Attendance Configuration screen includes both district-wide and school-specific configuration settings. Individual schools can choose to set...
28 Aug, 2019
document Quick Guide: Attendance Statistics Report
Refer to the attached Quick Guide (below) for information on how to run the Attendance Statistics Report and how to interpret the reported...
12 Apr, 2016
document Quick Guide: Setting Up Attendance Calls
The Support Team has put together a Quick Guide to show you how to set up daily batch reports for Attendance Calls files to be sent via sFTP to...
19 Sep, 2018