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document How can a teacher take daily attendance for two homerooms?
 The only way to do this is to check off under Extra Security Options in  manage users for the teacher. - Can input daily attendance on...
13 Jul, 2009
document How can I see a student's picture in attendance?
Click on enter daily or enter period attendance. When the screen comes up, click on the left on My Attendance Preferences. Set Show Pictures to YES....
04 Sep, 2009
document How do I add a room or homeroom in iPass?
Go to Administration>School Resources> Room Catalog. Click on ADD and create the room, designating if it is to be used as a homeroom by...
04 Aug, 2009
document How do I add or remove days from my calendar?
In Calendar Maintenance, you may add or remove days at the end of the year. Holidays should be entered as such and not deleted. Please note that if...
23 Jul, 2009
document How do I enter a snow/weather day or other emergency school closing?
Go to Attendance>Maintenance>Calendar Maintenance. Click on the interactive calendar on the date of the school closing. Enter the...
23 Feb, 2016
document How do I enter days into the calendar for half days?
You do not enter half days into the calendar. Only enter holidays that are days of non-attendance for students.
23 Jul, 2009
document How do I figure out students with Perfect Attendance for the year?
There is a Perfect Attendance Report available in Attendance System > Reports – Attendance. For this report to be accurate you...
12 Jun, 2018
document How do I know which teachers have not submitted their attendance?
Go to Attendance Reports and choose Homeroom Attendance Not Entered or Period Attendance Not Entered depending on your school's configuration. Ask...
13 Jul, 2009
document How is the DOE052 (Unexcused Student Absences) field value generated from iPASS?
This value is calculated based on the Attendance codes selected for “Student Truancy” on the MA DOE Parameters screen. Please check...
11 Feb, 2016
document How to reset the time on Linux server When I enter "NOW" I get an error message that says the time doesn't match the time on the server. What do I do?
Contact your database administrator because the Linux server has the incorrect time.  For the database administrator:  The proper way...
13 Jul, 2009
document I keep getting an error message when trying to create next year's calendar. It says Academic Year Settings Must be Defined! What am I doing wrong?
To create a calendar for a new school year, you must first go to Scheduling>Maintenance and click on the tab>Academic Year Settings. Enter the...
14 Apr, 2010
document I've enrolled all of my students for the first day of school, but all of their records say "error" under the enrollment. What did I do wrong?
Check the following: Is the School Calendar set up for the new school year? Go to Attendance System > Maintenance – Attendance...
31 Aug, 2016
document If a student is withdrawn, how do I make sure they don't get rolled over at the end of the year, or show up on next year's list of incoming students?
When you withdraw them, make sure they do not have a "Next Year's School" set on the biographical profile page.
26 Aug, 2009
document It is the start of our new school year and why is Period Attendance not updating Daily Attendance and Daily Attendance is not updating Period Attendance?
The Attendance Configuration needs to be rolled over to the new school year. As part of the End of School Year Procedures and preparation for the...
16 Sep, 2015
document My teachers have the wrong class lists for attendance today. We have a two day cycle, A and B days and they have the wrong day's list. How do I fix this?
You have the wrong cycle day set on the school calendar. Go to Attendance> Maintenance> Calendar Maintenance and click on today's date. Change...
07 Aug, 2009
document Teachers are taking period attendance but the daily attendance is not updating; it worked last year.
You have to roll the attendance over. Go to Administration End of the year procedures roll attendance. This has to be done every year.
09 Oct, 2009
document What do I have to do to adjust for the new last day of school? Due to school cancellations my last day of school is now beyond the last day set up on the iPASS school calendar.
Q. Due to school cancellations my last day of school is now beyond the last day set up on the iPASS school calendar. What do I have to do to...
14 Mar, 2018
document Why are all the students in the Out of District school generating the SIMS error of “Days in Attendance exceeds maximum for collection period”?
The Out of District school calendar must include major holidays and school vacation weeks. The DOE validates SIMS Days in Attendance (DOE017)...
11 Feb, 2016
document Why are my reports showing ?? for process date?
You need to have your database administrator start new report processors in System Configuration> Report Process.
13 Jul, 2009
document Why can't I enter attendance for students for previous days?
Contact your database administrator to reconfigure the attendance settings. Attendance needs to be configured to enter past and future days. Go to...
13 Jul, 2009

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