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How to reset the time on Linux server When I enter "NOW" I get an error message that says the time doesn't match the time on the server. What do I do?

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Last updated: 13 Jul, 2009
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Contact your database administrator because the Linux server has the incorrect time. 

For the database administrator:

 The proper way to resolve this is to configure NTP server to sync the clock with the NTP server that the rest of your network syncs with.
 If that isn't an option please follow the steps below to resolve incorect time on server.
 open a terminal window on server or make an SSH connection to it.
 type date (to find out what the server time was on the linux server)
 go to the time.gov website (to get the correct time)
 type date 030611352009 (this will set the date and time on your server the format is 03 month 06 day 1135 time 2009 year)
 type /usr/sbin/hwclock (to find out what time the bios clock time is)
 type /usr/sbin/hwclock --systohc (this syncs the bios clock to the linux clock that was set with the typed date command)
 Then I set the correct time in linux to be the same as time.gov and set the Hardware clock to that time also.
 This was done on both the DB server and the web server.

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