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How do I figure out students with Perfect Attendance for the year?

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Last updated: 12 Jun, 2018
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There is a Perfect Attendance Report available in Attendance System > Reports – Attendance.

For this report to be accurate you need to make sure your Attendance Codes are set correctly to be included in Perfect Attendance.

Go to Attendance System > Maintenance – Attendance > Attendance Codes to review your codes.

To figure out which codes should be set to Perfect Attendance = Yes, look at each code and ask yourself "should this code keep the student on the Perfect Attendance list”? If so, set to Yes.

Daily “Present” codes should be set to Yes including Tardy, Dismissed, Tardy/Dismissed Combination, and Exception codes such as Field Trip.

Daily “Absent” codes should be set to No.

The exception is that ALL Period Attendance codes, including Period Absent, need to be set to Yes. Missing one class is not typically counted against a student for Perfect Daily Attendance.

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