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Quick Guide - Course Recommendations Enhancements

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Last updated: 15 Jan, 2016
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Sync Release – Online Course Recommendation Enhancements


These enhancements originated from district requests to allow finer control of the Recommendation screen for both the iParent and iStudent portals. At certain points in the course recommendations process, the school may want to allow parents and students to enter their own recommendations. At other times, the school may want to ‘turn-off’ the ADD functionality and just allow parents and students to view and approve the recommendations that were entered on the admin portal. A new set of parameters has been added to allow the school to control what parents and students are able to see and do on the Recommendation screen.

Along with these changes, other enhancements were made to allow more options for teachers and counselors regarding course recommendations. Previously, teachers could not delete a recommendation that was accidentally entered but now they can. Counselors can “UNapprove” a recommendation so that it will not be considered a course request. We have also added the ability to create “Alternative Recommendations” so that if a primary course is not available an alternative option for the student can be recorded.

Together these enhancements will allow more options for students, teachers, parents and counselors during the course request process while also reducing data entry errors.

Summary of Enhancement Requests

  • Allow the Course Request Verification report to be a publishable document
  • Allow school to track which parents have viewed the Course Request Verification report
  • Allow Counselors to undo the approval of a recommendation.
  • Allow the Recommendation screen to be read-only for parents
  • Allow school to control which school year a parent/student is entering course recommendations for
  • Allow school to control the approval checkboxes on the recommendation screen
  • Allow a teacher to delete a course recommendation
  • Allow students, parents, and counselors to add alternate RECOMMENDATIONS for a main recommendation.
  • Allow student to enter alternate recommendations without being able to create their own primary recommendations
  • Allow school to select which courses will be available to select as electives

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