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iPASS Navigational Toolbar Help

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Last updated: 18 Mar, 2015
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The Navigational Toolbar saves you steps by allowing you to easily navigate from student-to-student within a system or jump to other system pages for a selected student.

Use the Toolbar icons to navigate iPass quickly and efficiently:

  • Search and select students from a current student record
  • View Previously Viewed Students
  • Jump To Previously Viewed Pages and Saved Pages
  • Create a list of Saved Students
  • Email directly from a student record (configurable by school)

The Toolbar appears at the top of the screen in any system where users can navigation from one student to another.  This includes:

  • Biographical System – Add/Modify Student & Find Any Student
  • Scheduling System – Modify Schedules & Requests
  • iHealth System – Add/Modify Student
  • View Only Access – Select Student to View
  • Success Plans – Add/Modify Student

All lists, including saved pages and saved student lists are stored by individual user.

Refer to full documentation below for more information.

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