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document Adjusting Enrollment Records – Recommendations on how to make certain types of updates
Adjusting Enrollment Records – Additional Information Version 7.0.20160928_sync and later of iPass now provides a warning when trying...
31 Oct, 2016
document Biographical Help Document
Biographical Help Document
04 Jan, 2013
document Homeless and Foster Care Query
This query will provide the iPass field values for the DOE’s homeless and foster care related elements: Homeless, Foster Care, Dwelling...
06 Oct, 2017
document Importing Student and Staff Photos
Importing Student and Staff Photos Photos are to be named StudentID.jpg. SASID or LASID can also be used. Photos should...
07 Mar, 2018
document iPASS Navigational Toolbar Help
The Navigational Toolbar saves you steps by allowing you to easily navigate from student-to-student within a system or jump to other system pages...
18 Mar, 2015
document MA DESE Guidance for Entering Homeless and Foster Care Student Data (2017-18)
NEW for 2017-18: SIF districts do not need to do manual entry Starting in the 2017-18 collection, SIF districts do not need to manually...
17 Oct, 2017
document MA DOE29 Member of Military Family
MA DOE29 Member of Military Family
14 May, 2014
document Mass Update Student Report to DOE Setting
Mass Update Student Report to DOE Setting Users can now mass update students Report to DOE setting from the Biographical System > Mass...
10 Oct, 2017
document My Reports Help
My Reports Help
13 Jul, 2009
document P-EBT Directions and Template
P-EBT Directions and Template There are three attachments: 1.  Pandemic Electronic benefit Transfer FAQ 2.  P-EBT Data...
17 Apr, 2020
document Quick Guide: Annual Set-Up of Recurring Batch Reports
All batch export reports that are year-specific need to be set up annually after your database is rolled over and the old ones...
21 Aug, 2019
document Quick Guide: Gender Identification for Non-Binary
Phase I of the Gender Identification Project for Massachusetts sites:  Version 7.0.20190206_sync (Released February 11, 2019) included...
19 Feb, 2019
document Quick Guide: How to Monitor Former EL Students
iPass can be set up to monitor the former English Learners (ELs) in your district. The attached document shows how yout can set it up on...
01 May, 2019
document Quick Guide: Liaison Field Option
Liaison Field In addition to the SPED Liaison field, an optional alternate Liaison field may be activated for use. When activated,...
19 Mar, 2019
document Quick Guide: Self-Service Photo Upload (Hosted Sites)
For Hosted Sites: Attached please find a Quick Guide on how to upload student and staff photos using a new Self-Service Photo Upload...
23 Feb, 2018
document Student Notes
Student Notes
09 Jun, 2014
document Summer Withdrawals Help Document
Help document outlining the steps to withdraw a "summer transfer" student. Steps outlined for withdrawing students both BEFORE  and AFTER...
22 Oct, 2015
document Upload Student and Staff Photos
Photos can be uploaded to individual student and staff records.* See attached help documents for directions. *Sync Version...
31 Jan, 2016