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document Can I mass import student email addresses into iPASS?
  Yes.  There is a Student Email Import feature in Mass Update Students. Create a TXT or CSV data file with the Student ID or...
25 Mar, 2015
document Do I change my YOG 2019 seniors to a G19 Grade Level when I "Graduate" them in iPass?
No. Leave them as Grade 12 for the remainder of the 2018-2019 school year. As part of the End of Year Procedures you will define a New Grade...
13 May, 2019
document Do I graduate my seniors before the State Reports?
Yes. You can wait until the school year ends and back date the withdrawal if there are reports that you need to produce for the end of the year...
03 Jun, 2015
document Does iPASS automatically update new students to Report to DOE = Yes when I enter the SASID?
No. iPASS defaults all new students entered into iPASS to Report to DOE = No so that they will not be transmitted to the DESE through SIF without...
10 Oct, 2017
document Does the Next Year (School) and Next Grade Level fields get filled in for students that are leaving the school district such as ‘summer transfer’ students?
No. The Next Year (School) and Next Grade Level should be left blank . These students should have no school or grade level designated for the...
28 May, 2015
document How can I clear out previous homerooms?
  Go to <Administration><End of the Year Procedures><Clear Student Data>  Select the grade level and check off...
13 Jul, 2009
document How do I add a relationship to my guardian table?
  To add relationships go to <Administration><Person Maintenance><Relationships
13 Jul, 2009
document How do I add a room or homeroom in iPass?
Go to Administration>School Resources> Room Catalog. Click on ADD and create the room, designating if it is to be used as a homeroom by...
04 Aug, 2009
document How do I add a Town Code to the Town of Residence Field?
If you find a Town Code is missing from the Town of Residence drop down selection list you can add it. Go to Biographical System >...
27 Jan, 2020
document How do I “exit” all the students who leave our district after completing a grade level other than graduating in Grade 12. (ie. Grade 6)?
When all your students exit your primary school district prior to Grade 12 you will create a withdrawal record to transfer them out AFTER the...
25 May, 2016
document How do I code my summer withdrawals to be reported as “summer transfers” in the October SIMS report?
Summer Withdrawals should be set up as follows: Remove the student’s schedule for the new school year, if needed. Create a...
17 Oct, 2017
document How do I enroll a single student?
 Go to <Biographical System> <Add/Modify Student> select the student using the search screen, click on the <Enrollment> tab...
13 Jul, 2009
document How do I enter new students into iPASS for the next school year?
You can enter them into iPass now, creating their student accounts and entering all information EXCEPT an enrollment record.  We refer to...
08 Apr, 2019
document How do I export certain fields of student and/or guardian data?
Go to <Biographical System> <Biographical Reports> and use the <Advanced Export Report> utility. You can save your selections for...
13 Jul, 2009
document How do I graduate my seniors?
Graduate Your High School Seniors – Grade 12 – YOG 2015: Refer to the checklist of recommended items to complete before graduating your...
13 May, 2016
document How do I print mailing labels for the incoming students for next year?
You may print mailing labels for incoming students using the following criteria: Reports – Biographical > Mailing Labels: Set...
08 Apr, 2019
document How do I run an Advanced Export Report to get information for last year’s Graduates (ie. YOG 2014)?
You must use the following Filter Criteria: Select the Start/End Dates for the previous school year, the one they graduated in (ie. 2013-2014);...
18 Jun, 2015
document How do I run Bio Verification Reports for next year's "Incoming" students?
Bio Verification Report for “Include Incoming Only” Students: Prior to running the report the next school year must be set up: ...
02 Apr, 2018
document How do I search for the incoming students for the next school year in iPASS?
First, the incoming students must have Next Year school and Next Grade Level entered on the Biographical Profile screen and then you can search...
08 Apr, 2019
document How do I transfer a student to another school within the same school district?
The student must be withdrawn from the school they are leaving with an Entry/Withdrawal code of “TRF – Transferred Out - within the...
19 Feb, 2015

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