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How do I “exit” all the students who leave our district after completing a grade level other than graduating in Grade 12. (ie. Grade 6)?

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Last updated: 25 May, 2016
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When all your students exit your primary school district prior to Grade 12 you will create a withdrawal record to transfer them out AFTER the current school year ends and BEFORE the next school year begins. These students are considered “summer transfers.” It is important to follow these steps in the order they are listed:

  1. Students that are leaving and NOT returning to the school the next school year should have a BLANK Next Year School and BLANK Next Grade Level.
  3. To exit the students leaving the district, use Biographical System > Mass Update > Mass Enroll Students to create a withdrawal record with a summer transfer date for all students in the exiting class. Search for students in current academic year (ie. 2015-2016); Grade Level = exiting Grade (ie. Grade 06); Enrollment = Enrolled.
  4. Before the exiting grade level students are promoted, a new Grade Level must be defined. For example, create “G16” Grade Level for students exiting in June 2016. This is done on the Administration > District Resources > Grade Levels screen
  5. Update the Grade Levels so that the exiting grade (ie. Grade 06) has the correct Next Grade Level for the Academic Year they will be exited (2015-2016 will use G16). This Next Grade Level is assigned to the exiting students during the EOY database rollover and Promote Grade Level process. This is updated annually to match the current exiting class.
  6. When you roll over the database to the new school year and promote students to next grade level, all exiting student will be promoted to their Next Grade Level which is their “exit” grade level (ie. G16). Once promoted, these students should have NO Primary School identified on their Student Biographical Profile screen for the new school year.
  7. These students will be reported as “summer transfers” in the October state report. They will be reported with the last school and grade level listed in their Primary School/Year Record.
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