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document After I change the Academic School Year to the new school year (System Configuration > Parameters), is there anything I need to roll over?
Yes. You need to roll over your Activities, Attendance, and Grades. It is recommended to go ahead and roll these over at each school: ...
20 Aug, 2015
document Can I roll my database over to to the new school year before my state reporting is certified?
No. State reporting must be completed and certified with the state with no chance of needing to make changes. You can do Phase I and Phase II of...
11 Jun, 2015
document Do I change my YOG 2019 seniors to a G19 Grade Level when I "Graduate" them in iPass?
No. Leave them as Grade 12 for the remainder of the 2018-2019 school year. As part of the End of Year Procedures you will define a New Grade...
13 May, 2019
document Do I graduate my seniors before the State Reports?
Yes. You can wait until the school year ends and back date the withdrawal if there are reports that you need to produce for the end of the year...
03 Jun, 2015
document Do I have to complete the DOE Discipline and SIMS files prior to rolling over?
Yes. Before you can change the year, promote and enroll students, you must complete and submit the SIMS file and SSDR files.
23 Jul, 2009
document Does the Next Year (School) and Next Grade Level fields get filled in for students that are leaving the school district such as ‘summer transfer’ students?
No. The Next Year (School) and Next Grade Level should be left blank . These students should have no school or grade level designated for the...
28 May, 2015
document How can I give ALL Teachers/Staff access to view future Teacher/Student Schedules?
The Administration > District Resources > District Configuration setting for "Show Which Schedules" can be set to "All" to show future...
01 Jun, 2016
document How do I add a new school to my district?
  Go to Administration School resources School Profile and add the school. Then go to Security and give yourself access to the new...
26 Aug, 2009
document How do I add a relationship to my guardian table?
  To add relationships go to <Administration><Person Maintenance><Relationships
13 Jul, 2009
document How do I add a room or homeroom in iPass?
Go to Administration>School Resources> Room Catalog. Click on ADD and create the room, designating if it is to be used as a homeroom by...
04 Aug, 2009
document How do I add or remove a room?
 >Administration School Resources Room catalog FYI- You will not be able to remove or delete a room that was previously used...
23 Jul, 2009
document How do I “exit” all the students who leave our district after completing a grade level other than graduating in Grade 12. (ie. Grade 6)?
When all your students exit your primary school district prior to Grade 12 you will create a withdrawal record to transfer them out AFTER the...
25 May, 2016
document How do I graduate my seniors?
Graduate Your High School Seniors – Grade 12 – YOG 2015: Refer to the checklist of recommended items to complete before graduating your...
13 May, 2016
document How do I hide next year’s schedule from teachers?
There is a district-wide setting to open or restrict Schedule display. To hide next year’s schedule from teachers you can set the District...
20 Jan, 2016
document I promoted all of my students at the end of the year, but not all of them went to the correct grade level. What happened?
This is caused when someone sets the Next Year Grade Level on the individual student profile screen to something other than what is defined in your...
04 Aug, 2009
document I rolled my Course Catalog over before the application enhancement released on April 21 (7.0.20160421_sync) that now rolls over all course information, how do I get the blank/missing course detail and course section data rolled over to next year?
Massachusetts Sync version: Enhancement April 2016 (7.0.20160421_sync) The End of Year Procedure > Rollover Courses can be run again with...
28 Apr, 2016
document Is there an easy way to see which teachers are using the iPass rankbook feature without opening up each teacher?
Yes. Go to Administration > Admin View Assignments. Search Assignments by Term, Teacher, Department, Date Range or by # of Assignments.
18 Dec, 2015
document It is the start of our new school year and why is Period Attendance not updating Daily Attendance and Daily Attendance is not updating Period Attendance?
The Attendance Configuration needs to be rolled over to the new school year. As part of the End of School Year Procedures and preparation for the...
16 Sep, 2015
document Preparing for the New School Year - Additional Tips
Run GPA Calculation for the new school year. After you rollover your database and have enrolled your student for next year, it is...
12 Sep, 2016
document Preparing for the New School Year - Tips
Preparing for the New School Year – Additional Tips IMPORTANT: Create new batch data reports for the new school year. Batch Processing...
31 Aug, 2016

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