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Preparing for the New School Year - Additional Tips

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Last updated: 12 Sep, 2016
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Run GPA Calculation for the new school year.

After you rollover your database and have enrolled your student for next year, it is recommended that you run GPA Calculation for your Grade 10, Grade 11, and Grade 12 students for that new school year. This will copy the Career GPA over into the new school year.  Use the following settings:

  • Academic Year = New School Year (ie. 2016-2017)
  • Grade Level = Run for each grade level one at a time
  • Grade Scale(s) = Select the one needed
  • Include Non-Enrolled = NO
  • Final Grade Only = YES

Create new batch data reports for the new school year.

Batch Processing Reports are school year specific. After you rollover your database you need to delete existing batch reports and create new ones for the new academic school year. This includes ConnectEd exports, Advanced Export Reports, Attendance Reports, etc, that have been set up to run as Recurring Scheduled Reports.

To find existing reports, go to My Data > Reports, scroll to the bottom of the screen. All batch reports for this account will be listed in the Recurring Scheduled Reports section. These reports can’t be opened or modified. You can delete them on this screen.

NOTE: Do NOT delete the ipass Updates report.

Enter SASIDs for new students and then update Report to DOE = Yes.

iPASS defaults all new students entered into iPASS to Report to DOE = No so that they will not be transmitted to the DESE through SIF without a SASID.  All students must be manually updated to Report to DOE = Yes after the SASID has been entered. 

There is a query available to find all enrolled students marked as “No”.  This query can be found in iPASS Help > My Queries > Query Files for Download > Enrolled Students Report DOE NO.

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