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Does the Next Year (School) and Next Grade Level fields get filled in for students that are leaving the school district such as ‘summer transfer’ students?

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Last updated: 28 May, 2015
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No. The Next Year (School) and Next Grade Level should be left blank . These students should have no school or grade level designated for the next school year because they will not be enrolled next year.

Summer transfer students should have a withdrawal record with a summer withdrawal date between the last day of school for the school year that just ended and the first day of school for the next school year. This will flag the student as a ‘summer transfer’ in iPASS and the student will be exported in SIMS. SIMS Legacy Districts must select Include Summer Transfers when running their SIMS 52 Export. Summer transfers will be reported in the EOY SIMS with the School and Grade Level from the Primary School/Year record, not from the fields showing on the Student Biographical Profile screen.

NOTE: The withdrawal record for the summer transfer student should be created in iPASS AFTER End-of-Year SIMS and SCS state reporting is completed.

Helfpul Hint! after you roll your data base to the new school year, check your summer transfer students to make sure their schedules for the new school year were removed and that the Primary School is blank.

More information can be found in iPASS Help > Administration > Help > End of Year Procedures Help Document.

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