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How do I print mailing labels for the incoming students for next year?

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Last updated: 08 Apr, 2019
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You may print mailing labels for incoming students using the following criteria:

Reports – Biographical > Mailing Labels:

  • Set Academic Year = [ NEXT School Year (ie. 2019-2020) ]
  • Set Grade = [ specify CURRENT Grade or leave blank to see all incoming ]
  • Set Enroll Status = None – These students have not been enrolled yet for the next school year. The list will include both new incoming students and students currently enrolled with next year school designated on the Profile screen.
  • Set Include Incoming = Yes

Helpful Hint! If you use special incoming “current” Grade Levels for incoming Preschool (ie. NPK), Kindergarten (ie. NKP, NKT, NKF), and Grade 1 (N01) students you will be able to run searches in that Primary School for that grade level in the current school year and get just the new incoming students.

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