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Does iPASS automatically update new students to Report to DOE = Yes when I enter the SASID?

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Last updated: 10 Oct, 2017
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No. iPASS defaults all new students entered into iPASS to Report to DOE = No so that they will not be transmitted to the DESE through SIF without a SASID.  

There is a query available to find all enrolled students marked as “No”.  This query can be found in iPASS Help > My Queries > Query Files for Download > Enrolled Students Report DOE NO.

NEW: Mass Update Students Report to DOE Setting

Users can now mass update students Report to DOE setting from the Biographical System > Mass Update Students screen.

To update students to Report to DOE = Yes, set the Data to Update field of “SIF Report to DOE” to Yes.

Biographical System > Mass Update Students > Data to Update > SIF Report to DOE

Then use the Student Search Criteria to select the group of students to update.

Search filters such as Status = Incoming, Grade Level or Home Room should be used to create student updates lists of no more than 400 students at one time.

All students are checked off to update. If a student should remain Report to DOE = No, simply uncheck that student’s name and they will not be updated to Yes when the screen is submitted.

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