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How do I report a long term In-School Suspension that includes a 1/2 Day?

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Last updated: 06 May, 2015
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If a student has a longer term In-School Suspension that includes a 1/2 day, you need to report the half day as a full day.

For example, an In-School Suspension of 6-1/2 Days should be reported as 7 Days.

The DOE does not require districts to report an In-School Suspension of 1/2 Day or less.

The DOE requires districts to report an Out of School Suspension that includes ANY portion of the day.  An Out of School Suspension of a 1/2 Day or less should be reported as a full day.

NOTE: This is based on Massachusetts School Safety and Discipline Report (SSDR) requirements for 2014-2015. This is subject to change by the DOE.

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