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How do I reset the staff attendance values in iPASS for End of Year EPIMS Report?

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Last updated: 01 Jun, 2017
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If you use iStaff for Attendance: The values submitted for staff reported in the October EPIMS are there until you clear them out.

Go to iStaff Procedures > Batch Data Entry > Select Field to Update of Days Worked (SR36) and Days Expected (SR37). Enter a 0 in the default value box at the top of the Days Worked and Days Expected column and click on the copy down icon (blue overlapping pages) to fill all the boxes with a 0. Submit the screen. Districts that use iStaff for attendance will have the new values auto-populate the boxes. Submit the screen to save the new values.

If you do NOT use iStaff Attendance you will need to import the EOY values for the Staff Days in Attendance (SR36) and Days Expected (SR37). Import your Staff Attendance Data using iStaff Procedures > Import Staff Data. When you import you must select Staff Data Record format = MA EPIMS Staff Roster. You may also use Staff Data Batch Entry screen to review and update.

NOTE: All 6 Identifying fields must match 100% to the data in the iStaff Database. Meaning in order to import any data into iStaff the Employee ID, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, DOB and Gender must be the same in both iStaff and the file you want to import.  All 6 fields must match 100% to insure that the teacher, person and user records are linked together and updated properly. For more information please refer to the iStaff DOE EPIMS Help Document found in iPASS Help > DOE ID Manager > Help > EPIMS Sub Categories Folder.

NOTE: End Of Year Reporting: If your Staff Expected Days of Attendance (SR37) values are not resetting from the October values it means that you adjusted the "Code" to reflect the number of expected days in the DOE Field "Staff Employee Contracted Months." These code values need to be updated to reflect the expected number of days for EOY reporting.

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