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How do I report SSDR Offense Types with new NCES Codes via SIF & Legacy transmission?

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Last updated: 26 Feb, 2018
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SSDR Incident Mapping Update

The DESE is requiring SSDR use NCES codes to report Offense Types. This means that both Legacy and SIF districts need to map their iPass Incident codes.

Legacy Districts: If you have not already done so, you will need to map your codes. Please refer to iPass Help > DOE ID Manager > Help > SSDR > NCES Offense Type Code Mapping Recommendations for more information.

Although you will not be submitting via SIF transmission, your site will need the SIF Agent folder > SIF Data Mapping option. If your site does not have this folder option available for selection, submit an eSupport ticket alerting iPass Support and we will add this.

SIF Districts: The DESE discontinued the following SIF values in 2017-2018:

1800 (formerly Harassment; Nonsexual)

3100 (formerly Theft)

3500 (formerly Vandalism)

Action Required:

  • Check your SIF Mapping for 1049 - Incident Codes and move the iPass Incident Code mapping to a new SIF Value. For mapping recommendations, refer to iPass Help > DOE ID Manager > Help > SSDR > NCES Offense Type Code Mapping Recommendations
  • Make sure that the Offender DOE Fields > Offender Related To selection does not use one of these discontinued Offense Types. You will need to check all iPass discipline records related to Nonsexual Harassment, Theft, and Vandalism and update with a new Offender Related To selection.
  • After the above 2 steps are completed, clear the SIF Temp Table and use SIF – Send Objects to send DisciplineIncident to update your SSDR transmission file.
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