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document Bullying System Parameters
To turn on the Bullying System options in iPASS, the Bullying Parameters must be set to enable teachers and/or administrators to use the Bullying...
20 Apr, 2016
document How do I add a new SSDR Offense Type Code?
Go to Discipline System > Maintenance – Discipline > Incidents. Scroll to the bottom of the Incident Code table to the first...
27 Sep, 2016
document How do I add a person's name into the "reported to" field in the discipline system?
The person needs to be assigned a Job Type that is associated to the Job Group of Administrator in iStaff Biographical>Career Record.
13 Jul, 2009
document How do I add new codes to iPASS for Discipline Incident Report to DOE fields?
For the 2014-2015 School Safety and Discipline Report (SSDR) the DOE has added a few discipline codes and discontinued others.  Review the...
10 Apr, 2015
document How do I combine all my schools into one SSDR Offense file and one Discipline (Consequences) export file?
When you run the Export MA Discipline report to create your 2 files, be sure that you select Entire District = Yes. This will export the Offenses...
24 Jul, 2015
document How do I find SSDR reportable offenses that might not be checked off as Report to DOE?
Run a Detention/Suspension List report.  Run the Reports – Discipline > Detention/Suspension List with Report to DOE Only = No,...
15 Apr, 2015
document How do I report a long term In-School Suspension that includes a 1/2 Day?
If a student has a longer term In-School Suspension that includes a 1/2 day, you need to report the half day as a full day. For example, an...
06 May, 2015
document How do I report a Victim in the Behavior Record to report in SIF SSDR?
There are several things you need to do to report a Student and/or Staff Victim: 1. Enter the name of the victim in the Additional Victims...
16 Jun, 2016
document How do I report SSDR Offense Types with new NCES Codes via SIF & Legacy transmission?
SSDR Incident Mapping Update The DESE is requiring SSDR use NCES codes to report Offense Types. This means that both Legacy and SIF...
26 Feb, 2018
document How do I submit the School Safety and Discipline Report (SSDR) through SIF?
SIF version 2.7 includes the ability to transmit the incident and discipline data reported in the SSDR.  iPASS sites on the Sync...
07 Jan, 2019
document How do you enter a suspension that runs through the end of the year?
Enter the Proposed Serve Date = the first day of the suspension and the Through Date = the last day of school in the current school year. ...
16 Jun, 2016
document I have Discipline Incidents with Education Services codes that have been discontinued. Do I need to change these codes?
Yes.  The DESE will not accept discontinued codes.  Run the MA Discipline Export report and review the Consequences report to identify...
19 Mar, 2015
document In my MA Discipline Export Consequence file for SSDR, why is the Return Date (RD) column empty and the Through date has already passed?
The Actual Date Detail for the Consequence is still set to “0” (zero). These values need to be updated to “1” to indicate...
15 Apr, 2015
document Why am I getting SSDR errors of “Invalid file header”, “Too many elements”, and/or “Incorrect size” when trying to upload my Offense and Discipline files to the DESE?
The text entered in the Description fields can’t contain commas and can’t exceed 50 characters in length (ie. Description of...
24 Jul, 2015