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I have Discipline Incidents with Education Services codes that have been discontinued. Do I need to change these codes?

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Last updated: 19 Mar, 2015
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Yes.  The DESE will not accept discontinued codes.  Run the MA Discipline Export report and review the Consequences report to identify records with discontinued codes and update the discipline incident records to the appropriate new code.  Add Education Services Comments if applicable.

  • Go to run DOE ID Manager > MA Discipline Export
  • Select all Grade Levels for the school (or district) you intend to include in the report

Hint! Report can be run by individual school or for the entire district.  See step below.

  • Set Report to DOE Only = Yes to look at the discipline incidents set to Report to DOE Hint! Check to make sure all “reportable” offenses and consequences have been indicated with Offense Indicator and/or Discipline Indicator = Yes.  Refer to DESE’s School Safety and Discipline Report (SSDR) documentation for reporting guidelines.
  • Entire District = No will report only for the school selected at the top of the screen
  • Entire District = Yes will report for the entire district
  • Submit
  • Go to Reports > click on report named Consequences

Use spreadsheet tools to sort on the columns for AE (Alternative Education Type) and NAE (Alternative Education Not Provided) to look for discontinued code values.  Take this time to look for missing codes.  The DESE’s SSDR documentation outlines which fields are required to have a value.

Discontinued Codes for 2014-2015:
Type of Educational Services (iPASS = Alternative Education Type)
4 – Private alternative setting
5 – Work/Community service setting
Education Services Not Provided (iPASS = Alternative Education Not Provided)
2 – Refused / did not respond
3 – Incarcerated
4 – School exercised right to not provide alternative education

Note: Codes requiring to “specify” or “explain” must include text in the iPASS field – Education Services Comment.

Also listed in
folder DOE ID Manager -> Help -> SSDR (MA)

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