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How do I report a Victim in the Behavior Record to report in SIF SSDR?

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Last updated: 16 Jun, 2016
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There are several things you need to do to report a Student and/or Staff Victim:

1. Enter the name of the victim in the Additional Victims field. SIF SSDR transmission requires the specific victim(s) be reported in addition to the Report to DOE “Number of Victims” field values. Use the Look up feature in the Additional Victims field to enter the last or first name of the victim. Staff will be indicated with (st) after the name.

2. Under the Report to DOE field section, fill in the Number of Victims: Student, School Personnel, Non-Sch Personnel or Unknown with the appropriate number of victims.

3. After completing the rest of the Offenders record (minimum entry of Consequence, Days Missed, Program Status), Submit the record. Return to the Offender’s Behavior Record and the Additional Victim record will now be displayed. Click on the Record Number to update the Victim record.

a. Confirm record indicates Victim.

b. Fill in the Victim DOE Fields (below Required For DOE Report Incident DOE Fields).

c. Remove the Consequences (copied from Offender’s record) and Submit.

4. Add additional victim(s) if appropriate.

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