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How do you enter a suspension that runs through the end of the year?

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Last updated: 16 Jun, 2016
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Enter the Proposed Serve Date = the first day of the suspension and the Through Date = the last day of school in the current school year.

All of the Proposed Serve Dates must be filled in with a “1”. If your school is set up with Saturday discipline, enter a “0” if they are not included in the suspension. The # in Duration must match the number of days set to “1”.

Once the Actual Serve Dates are filled in with “1”, the MA Discipline Export report “Estimated Return Date” (ERD) field will be filled in with 09/01/16. This is an arbitrary date agreed to by the DOE as the start of the next school year. SIF Transmission will also send 09/01/2016 as the ERD.

Remember that the value entered in Days Missed must match the value entered in the Duration field or you will get a validation errors.

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