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Why am I getting SSDR errors of “Invalid file header”, “Too many elements”, and/or “Incorrect size” when trying to upload my Offense and Discipline files to the DESE?

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Last updated: 24 Jul, 2015
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The text entered in the Description fields can’t contain commas and can’t exceed 50 characters in length (ie. Description of Offense Type 1-5, Incident Description, Education Services Comment). The upload file is a Comma Separated Value (CSV) so a comma will break the data into more fields than allowed. The best practice is to keep the comment brief with no punctuation. The purpose for this field is to provide an explanation of any “other” offense code selection or to explain Education Services provided/not provided.

The above information has been added to the iPASS Discipline System & SSDR Help Guide (July 2015) and is available in iPASS Help > DOE ID Manager > Help > SSDR Sub Categories folder.

Also listed in
folder Discipline -> FAQ
folder DOE ID Manager -> Help -> SSDR (MA)

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