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On the school parameter screen, what do I send for my elementary schools, 5 or 9?

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Last updated: 13 Apr, 2011
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Set the first box to "Send 5" then set any grade level 1-6 that you want the system to send a "55" to the DOE for grade levels not required to report grades.  Leave all other grade levels blank and they will send the grades as needed.
Only grade levels 1-6 can have a "Send 5."
Grade levels 7-12 must be left blank to report grades when the course is complete.
In any school where there are grade levels 1-6 you have to set the first box to "Send 5."
You can send grades to the DOE for any grade level as long as you plan to enter a final grade in the add/modify course grades screen for the student.
Example for schools that grade levels 1-4 are not reporting grades, but 5 and 6 are: 
Send "55" for grade 1-4 and send grades for Grade level 5 and 6.
Set the first box to "Send 5."
Set grades 1-4 to "Send 5" and leave grades 5 and 6 blank.
Then enter final grades when the year is over for grade levels 5 and 6 in Add/Modify course grades.
NOTE: Competency grades are not iPass grades and will not fill in the final grade for you.  If you want to send a final grade for a grade level of 1-6 and you use the  Competency System for scores, you have to instruct your teachers to go to Add/Modify Course Grades at the end of the year and enter in the final grades there for them to be included in the SCS final submission.
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