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When is the best time to code summer withdrawal students?

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Last updated: 17 Jun, 2016
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We recommend the following steps be followed before/after state reporting is completed:

Any time/Before state reporting is complete:

  • Try to get from school staff prior to summer break (especially if they don't work in the summer) a list of students they know are not returning next year. *(You should also want to get a list of the students being retained so you can set the Next Grade Level = Current Grade Level prior to rollover/student promotion.)
  • Make sure Next Year School and Next Grade Level are blank for students you know are not returning.

After state reporting is completed:

  • Create a summer withdrawal record for the students that are confirmed as not returning.
  • The Withdrawal Date must be AFTER the last day of the current school year and BEFORE the first day of the next school year (ie. July 1 or Aug 1).

Roll the data base to the next school year and promote students.

  • Summer withdrawals will be promoted to the next grade level to remain with their peers in the database.
  • No Primary School record will be created for new school year - Primary School will be blank

NOTE: Students that end up NOT returning for the new school year that were promoted with a Primary School record will need to be fixed prior to the October 1 SIMS report. Remove the Primary school and if they were enrolled for the new school year, change their enrollment record to a withdrawal record with a withdrawal date after the end of the previous school year and before the start of the new school year. This will flag them as a summer withdrawal.

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