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Why won't the student stay set to 'Report to DOE' = Yes?

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Last updated: 25 May, 2016
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iPASS is now validating the SASID number format.

The Sync version of iPASS, designed for SIF data transmission, will NO LONGER allow a student to be set to Report to DOE = Yes if there is NO SASID number entered or if the SASID number format is incorrect. The SASID number must begin with the number 1 (one) and be 10 characters long. Note that extra spaces before or after the SASID number are considered a character.

Students that were reported successfully in previous report submissions may now be set to Report to DOE = No because they have extra spaces. There is a query available in iPASS Help that will list all enrolled students set to Report to DOE = No. Go to iPASS Help > My Queries > Query Files for Download > Enrolled Students Report to DOE. Directions to download the query can be found here.

Helpful Hint! If you find the Report to DOE will not stay set to Yes, go to DOE ID Manager > LASID/SASID Update screen. Select the student. Place your cursor before AND after the SASID number and check for spaces. Remove them if found and click Submit to update. Return to the student’s MA DOE screen and update student to Report to DOE = Yes.

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