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The March SIF SIMS Submission is now open on the DESE Security Portal, why do I have errors of “101510 - Days in Membership=0 is Invalid” and “101491 – SPED students must have other SPED data elements” for all of my students?

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Last updated: 22 Jan, 2019
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When the DESE re-opens the portal for a new submission you may need to restart your SIF Processors.

If the SIF processors are not running, no data is sent and the errors will occur.

Shutdown both your SIF Response and Events Processors and restart them. You can check the box to Delete the “Stopped” Records.You should also check the box to "Purge All Log Files Except Current Day." Keep all logs associated with the current reporting period so that data sent during the period can be referenced if necessary.

The DESE clears out and re-pulls the attendance and Sped data from your site nightly. It may therefore take 24 hours for the errors to clear.

You should also set the DOE Parameters for EACH SCHOOL to have a Last Transmission Date for the March 1 submission (ie. 03/01/2019) so that the number of days will accrue correctly for the March 1 submission.

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folder SIF -> FAQ
folder DOE ID Manager -> Help -> SIMS (MA)

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