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How do you set up Virtual High School (VHS) and Dual Enrollment courses in iPASS to report them correctly in SCS?

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Last updated: 12 Nov, 2015
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VHS courses (taught by teachers outside of your school district) and Dual Enrollment college courses must be reported in the SCS report but are not reported in EPIMS.

To report Dual Enrollment courses provided by colleges:  The four digit college institution codes used to report degree institutions (EPIMS Appendix C: Degree Institutions) will be preceded by “CLBR” (all uppercase letters only) to form the 8 character code (ie. CLBR3551).

The following two codes will be used to report online Virtual courses: “CLBRVK12” will be used to report online courses for grades K -12; “CLBRVCLG” will be used to report online college-level courses

Depending on whether you are reporting through SIF or Legacy flat files, the course code will be entered in different locations.

SIF Districts – The appropriate school code must be entered on the Course Details screen in the DOE Attending School field. This school code will be used for all course sections. This means that different colleges will require a separate Couse ID.

Virtual High School Course:                                                         Dual Enrollment Course (Quinsigamond CC)

Legacy Districts – On each Course Section screen enter the appropriate school code in the MA VHS Course ID field.

Virtual High School Course:                                                        Dual Enrollment Course (Quinsigamond CC)

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