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document Can I modify the credits for a course for an individual student?
Yes. Go to <Add/modify Student Schedule> select the student using the search screen. Click ont he course ID. Adjust the credits on the next...
19 Jan, 2011
document Can I roll my course catalog forward more than once?
Yes, you can roll the course catalog to the next academic year more than one time and overwrite existing. However, if you are using Online Course...
19 Jan, 2011
document Can the locker and the locker combination be printed on the student schedule?
Yes.  When you make the selections to print student schedules under Scheduling reports print student schedules select to print lockers and...
19 Jan, 2011
document Can we delete a course from this year's course catalog that was offered last year? We are not running the course this year.
Yes. Courses are stored by academic year so they can be added or deleted from the course catalog in any given academic year. If you rolled over your...
19 Jan, 2011
document Do you use the actual last day of school or the EPIMS As-of-Date (day before the last day) on the Academic Year Settings screen for the End Date?
The Academic Year Settings screen needs to have the actual last day of school as the End Date for the final term of the school year. This End...
21 May, 2015
document How can I give ALL Teachers/Staff access to view future Teacher/Student Schedules?
The Administration > District Resources > District Configuration setting for "Show Which Schedules" can be set to "All" to show future...
01 Jun, 2016
document How can I print a copy of the Course Catalog with all the Course Descriptions?
There is a query available in iPASS Help that creates a report of the course catalog listings with descriptions. The report lists Course...
25 May, 2016
document How do I add a room or homeroom in iPass?
Go to Administration>School Resources> Room Catalog. Click on ADD and create the room, designating if it is to be used as a homeroom by...
04 Aug, 2009
document How do I adjust a Term 1-only course for a student who transferred to another course before October 1?
The DOE does not require you to report courses the student was scheduled into prior to October 1 but some districts want to keep track of the...
05 Nov, 2015
document How do I assign a “pull out” teacher to be reported in PA PVAAS?
Teachers can be assigned individually to students by going to Scheduling System > Modify Schedules. Select a student and click on the Course...
10 Mar, 2016
document How do I assign students to the Next Grade Level when they are changing schools and the Grade Level is not available as an option at their current school?
The Grade Level will need to be temporarily added to the School Profile so that it can be selected. For example, current Grade 8 Middle School...
20 Jan, 2016
document How do I hide next year’s schedule from teachers?
There is a district-wide setting to open or restrict Schedule display. To hide next year’s schedule from teachers you can set the District...
20 Jan, 2016
document How do I hide next year’s schedules from teachers, parents, and students until we are ready to release them?
There are several system configuration settings you can use to hide viewing of future schedules until you are ready to make them available. ...
22 Apr, 2015
document How do I keep next year’s course schedules from displaying in iParent and/or iStudent?
Several adjustments should be made to the iParent and/or iStudent Configuration screen. Set Show Grade Information = Current & Prior...
13 May, 2016
document How do I search for incoming students coming from another school to schedule them?
The current grade level of the incoming students will need to be temporarily added to the School Profile to search for the students. Setting Next...
20 Jan, 2016
document How do you set up Virtual High School (VHS) and Dual Enrollment courses in iPASS to report them correctly in SCS?
VHS courses (taught by teachers outside of your school district) and Dual Enrollment college courses must be reported in the SCS report but are...
12 Nov, 2015
document I have teachers appearing on my list of teachers in the scheduling system that are no longer working in my school. How do I remove them from this list?
Teachers must have an end date in their career record for your school, in iStaff Biographical.  If they have left the district, then they also...
19 Jan, 2011
document I have to schedule my elementary schools for EPIMS and SIMS reporting as well as standards based report cards. Do I have to schedule all of my courses to have meeting times?
Not all courses must have specific meeting times. The core elementary or homeroom teachers should have meeting times for attendance purposes. All...
19 Jan, 2011
document I keep getting an error message when trying to create next year's calendar. It says Academic Year Settings Must be Defined! What am I doing wrong?
To create a calendar for a new school year, you must first go to Scheduling>Maintenance and click on the tab>Academic Year Settings. Enter the...
14 Apr, 2010
document I need to enter a para professional into a study hall for an assignment, but she is not a teacher, therefore does not show up on the drop down list. How can I get her name to show up as the teacher assigned to cover the study hall?
The para will need career record set up in iStaff for a teacher with zero FTE. Then they will show up on the teacher list.
09 Oct, 2009

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