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How do I search for incoming students coming from another school to schedule them?

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Last updated: 20 Jan, 2016
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The current grade level of the incoming students will need to be temporarily added to the School Profile to search for the students. Setting Next Year School will identify the students as “Incoming”. Since the Grade search filters in iPASS are based on the student’s
CURRENT Grade, the grade level of these incoming students needs to be available. For example, for the high school to schedule incoming Grade 9 students, they need to be able to search for the “Incoming” students currently in Grade 8. During the scheduling process, Grade 8 should be a selected grade in the high school’s School Profile.

Go to Administration > School Resources > School Profile > Select School and ADD the grade that you need to assign. Be sure to use Ctrl-Key Click to add the grade and not lose the grades already selected. Submit to update the Grades. Grade will now be available to select in the Student Search Grade field. When you have completed the scheduling process for the next school year you can remove the grade from the School Profile screen.

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