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How do I assign students to the Next Grade Level when they are changing schools and the Grade Level is not available as an option at their current school?

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Last updated: 20 Jan, 2016
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The Grade Level will need to be temporarily added to the School Profile so that it can be selected. For example, current Grade 8 Middle School students need their Next Year School set to High School and their Next Grade Level set to 9. The Middle School only offers Grades 5-8. Grade 9 will need to be added temporarily to the Middle School > School Profile while you do the Mass Update. When completed, it can be removed.

Go to Administration > School Resources > School Profile > Select School and ADD the grade that you need to assign. Be sure to use Ctrl-Key Click to add the grade and not lose the grades already selected. Submit to update the Grades. Grade will now be available to select in Next Year’s Grade Level on the Biographical System > Mass Update Students screen. When you have completed the mass update you can remove the grade from the School Profile screen.

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