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Our district has been updated to the new Sync release and we are reporting SCS through SIF 2.7; how do I hide the additional SIF SCS ‘fake terms’?

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Last updated: 02 Nov, 2015
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The additional FY, S1, S2 ‘fake terms’ required for SIF SCS reporting can be set up NOT to
display on iPASS screens.

Go to System Configuration > Parameter Maintenance; Select
Application = SIF and Parameter Group = Source; In the HideTerms field enter the ‘fake terms’
used by all of your district schools separated by a comma with no space in between (ie.
HideTerms = FY,S1,S2).

Enter the fake term codes listed in the Term Code column of the Schedule System >
Maintenance – Scheduling > Term Codes screen (left side). Check each of your schools to make
sure you get all of the fake term codes created for the entire district.

Also listed in
folder SIF -> FAQ
folder DOE ID Manager -> Help -> SCS (MA)

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