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How do you set up the DOE Parameters screen for State Reporting?

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Last updated: 05 Apr, 2016
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Each school has a DOE Parameters screen under DOE ID Manager > Maintenance – DOE > Parameters. The settings on this screen are important for SIF “As of Date” data transmission and SIMS reporting of DOE052 “Unexcused Absences” and attendance reporting for grade levels that do not attend school on a daily basis (ie, Preschool and Kindergarten).

  • In School Suspension and Out of School Suspension are NO LONGER reported in SIMS so these codes should NOT be selected.
  • Student Truancy should reflect DOE052 "Unexcused Absences". Make sure that all attendance codes used to report "un-excused" absences are selected. This is no longer just for "Truancy". Click here for more information.

  • If you transmit SIMS and SCS through SIF your Last Transmission Date should be set to the "As of Date" for the report you are actively working on OR it should be set to the NEXT report once your current report is certified. For example: if you have certified Oct 1 SIMS data, change the Last Transmission Date to 03/01/2016; if you have certified March 1 SIMS, change the Last Transmission Date to the NEXT TO LAST Day of School (at this Default School). Note: The Last Transmission Date will change if you run a SIMS 52 Export or SIMS 13 (SCS) export with any other date than your "active" report date. Keep this in mind if you have to run these exports with an alternate date. You will need to go back to the DOE Parameters screen and update the Last Transmission Date. Click here for more information.

  • The "Grade Levels to Validate Schedule for Days in Membership and Attendance" should only have grades selected if the school offers "part time" programs like PreK and K that only meet 2-3 days a week. Grade levels 1-12, SP should not be selected.

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