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How do I transmit SIF SIMS report data “as of” March 1?

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Last updated: 11 Feb, 2016
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SIF Districts must set the DOE Parameter ‘Last Transmission Date’ to the “as of” date of 03/01/YYYY (ie. 03/01/2016).

Go to DOE ID Manager > DOE Maintenance > DOE Parameters screen. Set the Last Transmission Date = 03/01/2016.

NOTE: The Last Transmission Date will reset to the date used when running the SIMS 52 Export or SIMS 13 Export (SCS). We recommend that you run these reports using the “as of” date for the reporting period (ie. 03/01/2016). If a different date is required for the report, remember to set the Last Transmission Date back to the reporting date.

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