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How do I code my summer withdrawals to be reported as “summer transfers” in the October SIMS report?

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Last updated: 17 Oct, 2017
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Summer Withdrawals should be set up as follows:

  • Remove the student’s schedule for the new school year, if needed.
  • Create a Withdrawal record at the last school they attended using a withdrawal date after the last day of the previous school year and before the first day of the new school year. Make sure there is no enrollment record for the new school year.
  • If you are withdrawing the student AFTER the database has been rolled over to the new year:

Remove the Primary School from the Student Biographical Profile screen (blank it out). This will remove the Primary School/Year record for the new school year. Leave the Grade Level on the Profile screen as it is. It is okay if it rolled up to the next grade level. The grade level for the summer transfer is pulled from the previous school year record.

SIF Districts: Use the SIF - Send Objects to send the SummerWithdrawals-StudentPersonal and SummerWithdrawals-StudentSchoolEnrollment Objects. If you are send objects to update your SIF Transmission, be sure to use Delete SIF Tmp Table to cleare the SIF Temp Tables prior to sending the SIF Objects.

Legacy Districts: Run the Export 52 Elements with Include Summer Transfers codes (all codes EXCEPT Enrolled and Not enroleld but receiving SpEd services only). This will include your summer withdrawal records in your SIMS 53 flat-file.

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