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How do I enter new students into iPASS for the next school year?

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Last updated: 08 Apr, 2019
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You can enter them into iPass now, creating their student accounts and entering all information EXCEPT an enrollment record.  We refer to this as "registering" the student for the next school year.  You should not enroll them until your iPASS database has been rolled over to the next school year.

Add New Student:              

  • Set Primary School = [ School they would be attending this school year if enrolled ]

Helpful Hint! Enter middle school for current Grade 8 so they will be promoted with enrolled students Grade 8 students.

  • Set Grade Level = [ Grade Level they are in THIS YEAR ]
  • Set Academic Year = THIS YEAR

On Biographical Profile screen:

  • Set their Next Year (School) = [ School they will be attending NEXT YEAR ]
  • Set Next Grade Level = [ Grade Level they will be NEXT YEAR ]

These students are now set up as “Incoming” students for the Next Year school and Next Grade Level.

Example: Incoming Kindergarten student enrolling in 2015-2016

Helpful Hint! Some districts create a special “current” Grade Level to use for incoming Preschool (ie. NPK), Kindergarten (ie. NKP, NKT, NKF), and Grade 1 (N01) students to easily identify this population of incoming students

Example: Incoming Grade 9 student enrolling in 2015-2016

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