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document Discipline Help with Bullying, Behavior Dashboard, Report to DOE (Massachusetts)
Updated Discipline Help with Bullying, Behavior Dashboard, and Report to DOE details for Massachusetts iPASS sites (SSDR 2014-2015). *...
17 Apr, 2018
document Discipline Incident 'Report to DOE' Fields Added for 2014-2015 SSDR Report
March 4, 2015 a Patch Release went out to Massachusetts sites to add additional fields to the Discipline Incident ‘Report to DOE’...
11 Mar, 2015
document Google Docs Help
Enabling Google Docs in iPass will allow users to upload files from their Google Drive accounts and store them within the iPass system. The...
01 Apr, 2015
document iPASS Discipline System & SSDR Help Guide _July 2015
This Help Guide provides Massachusetts iPASS sites with information on how to enter discipline incidents that must be reported to the DOE for the...
20 Jul, 2015
document New ‘Report to DOE’ Discipline Fields for SIF SSDR
The Sync version of iPASS includes the additional Discipline fields for reporting SSDR Discipline data via SIF 2.7. These fields are available in...
24 May, 2016
document Quick Guide: Discipline System - Large Count "Nameless" Victims
SIF transmission of the School Safety and Discipline Report (SSDR) victim count is reported through total count of victim records, not by the...
14 Mar, 2018
document Quick Guide: Teacher Behavior Referrals
Teacher Behavior Referrals Teachers can enter behavior referrals for students in two ways. The first way is a direct link from the...
19 Mar, 2019
document SIF SSDR Error Codes - Recommendations to Clear Errors (January 2018)
SIF SSDR Errors – The Support Team has put together a quick reference to help you identify what to check in iPASS when trying to clear SIF SSDR...
16 Jan, 2018
document SIF SSDR: Reporting Victims Without Identifying Name
Certain Report to DOE Offense Types codes require a victim be reported (Codes 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, and17). SIF SSDR transmission requires a...
23 May, 2017
document SSDR: Reporting Emergency Removal with Extra Suspension Days
The Massachusetts DOE discontinued the Extra Suspension Days field that was previously used to report extra suspension days after an emergency...
15 May, 2017